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Introducing Sensah Groupsets - Powering LaVita

Sensah is a well known worldwide supplier of groupsets and bike components. Founded over ten years ago, its engineers brought experience from SRAM to create a full range of road & MTB shifters.

We have chosen to offer Sensah components due to their high quality and we stand by this with a one year UK warranty on all parts.

The premium groupset is the Sensah Empire 11 speed and we fit this to all LaVita bikes. Looks for online reviews to find out more - ours is the latest upgraded version.

For peace of mind Sensah Empire shifters are fully compatible with SRAM 11 speed derailleurs and the Sensah Empire 11 speed derailleur is compatible with SRAM 11 speed shifters.

Some Sensah ranges are designed to be compatible with Shimano. We can offer technical and compatibility advice if you want replacement parts for other bikes and can't find original Shimano.

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