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About us

Welcome to LaVita.

2020 was a year of challenges. And through these have come opportunity. LaVita, born in the pandemic seeks to bring you a new solution to your latest problem, (Bike related of course!)

We recognise a number of issues in the current bike market.

1. They're expensive

2. There aren't enough

3.  There are so many variations

At LaVita, we are committed to helping to alleviate these pain points and make your new bike hunting a breeze.

A bit about us:

We like to cycle.

We like nice looking bikes.

We like to tour around the UK and Europe.

We don't like getting punctures or mechanicals. (Although we love saying hi to the local bike store whilst out on the road!)

We like wobbling up steep hills and carrying them over fallen tree trunks.

We LOVE going downhill.

With this in mind, we built a bike. Which, need I mention, we also love. 

But more importantly, we've worked with partners and suppliers across the globe to put together a new type of bike. One that's looking to provide you with your first bike or your next upgrade at a fraction of the cost of the traditional global big brands. A bike that is light, strong, can go on- and off-road and can carry your bikepacking bags. But most importantly - a bike that is in stock!

So without further ado, please look around and tell us what you think :)